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"And now ladies and gentlemen, a word from our sponsor."

I started to title this article "I YAM WHAT I YAM" and those of you who grew up in the days of black and white TV, yes I said black and white, have a pretty good idea of who said it and what was meant by it so I won't go into that. Those of you who don't can surely Google it and find out.

The reason I changed the title is because this article isn't about planes or tools but a little bit about the guy who writes them in this forum. That would be me but I didn't want you youngsters thinking it was about Thanksgiving dinner or some weird concoction made up of an obscure root vegetable.

My wife reminds me almost every day that much of what I think about stuff does not constitute expertise but perhaps what comes out the back end of a male bovine. Now I'm not a dumb fellow and I know stuff about stuff. But once in a while, when I'm talking about something in which I think I know more than I really do, it comes across as "expertise" to the untrained eye when in reality it's a little bit of knowledge, some conjecture, a bit of life wisdom and a whole lot of conviction. I don't lie or mislead knowingly and don't usually care much and try not to associate with folks that do, which is why I don't do Time Share presentations.

You are already beginning to wonder why I'm saying all this as it's likely more than you want to know about me. Well here it is. You might read or see something on this site that doesn't seem right to you. YOU may be an expert on something you see here and think: "Whoa, this guy's so far out in left field that he's sitting in seat 14 3rd row bleachers." Well, you might just be right or you may be sitting next to me in the bleachers. (Just saying)

Like the planes that I sell, I'm not perfect nor do I purport to be. I take information from other sources, published or otherwise, that I feel are credible and correct and regurgitate that information as I see it, sometimes with my own twist. In my quest for ultimate knowledge about planes I have met some incredibly knowledgeable folks who have been doing this a lot longer than me and have studied and observed thousands of specimens on which they base their opinions, many of them highly respected and frequently quoted. I rely heavily on their real expertise to provide me with the fodder that I share on this site which I think it quite accurate most of the time and I always try to give credit where it's due. But "boo boos" (like Yogi's friend) do occur. So I don't take it personally if a reader takes issue with something they see here and lets me know. It's part of the learning process, maybe for both of us. After all, I YAM WHAT I YAM".

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