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I started to title this article "I YAM WHAT I YAM" and those of you who grew up in the days of black and white TV, yes I said black and white, have a pretty good idea of who said it and what was meant by it so I won't go into that. Those of you who don't can surely Google it and find out. The reason I changed the title is because this article isn't about planes or tools but a little bit about the guy who writes them in this forum. That would be me but I didn't want you youngsters thinking it was about Thanksgiving dinner or some weird concoction made up of an obscure root vegetable. My wife reminds me almost every day that much of what I think about stuff does not constitute expertise but

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I'm not an appraiser and I no longer provide estimates of value. So, if you have a plane you'd like to sell me please bring along a price with your offer. Thanks.

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