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Herd Thinning Inventory Reduction Sale
All examples are in clean and usable (Not tuned but sharp) condition    



Brand                           Size              Manufacturer             Number         Style                                        Asking


Keen Kutter KK5        Jack             Sargent for KK/Simmons   KK5             Sargent 400 series                      $60.00

V&B 804                    Smoother    Vaughan & Bushnell        804            Cast Iron Painted black                 $60.00

Sargent 409                Smoother        No 409                   9"                Early type 3ish                      $60.00 



Ready Made 7 inch Transitional Smoothing Plane Collection
15 planes $175 for the lot plus shipping (TBD)

Collecting planes can be exhausting. Going to garage sales, estate sales, antique tool shops, tool group meets and especially eBay. Who has time for all that nonsense? Now, I have taken the work and stress out of collecting by offering to you this beginner's set of some of the hardest to find collectable transitional planes in the popular 7 inch (smallest) size and at a ridiculously low price. Most are in great condition, some are in less great condition which gives the new owner the opportunity to fix them up (at no extra charge). I've jotted some notes on condition and included a few photos. If that's not good enough for you, let me know via email and I'll take a couple more of any specific plane you are worried about. Now, I'm not going to take 20 photos of each plane so you can feel comfortable, so be judicious in your request and I'll work with you. I will tell  you that with a couple of exceptions, these planes are intact, some have been "japan enhanced" one has a replaced body, two have broken or damaged laterals, all have checking and a few cracks because 120 year old wood does that. I cannot verify originality or authenticity but all are marked with appropriate markings by recognized manufacturers and/or resellers

Now, depending on where you live in relationship to me, shipping may be a consideration. Each of these cute little buggers weigh in at just under 3 pounds so the total weight of all 18 is going to be around 55 pounds, plus or minus, not including shipping medium and a box(s) to put them in. I'm willing to pack them up for free (or  "at cost" if special packaging is needed) and take them to a local shipper but the buyer is on the hook for the cost of getting them to you. If I do it it will probably be like UPS or a local shipping company. I'm not inclined to spend hours looking for the cheapest method but if you want to, knock yourself out and I'll do my best to make it happen on this end.  I'd do local pick up or even meet you half way, (depending on how far I have to drive. Gas ain't cheap) if you don't live too far away.

So now's your chance to start or enhance your own personal rabbit hole while I make some much needed shelf space in mine.

Maker/reseller         Notes                                                     

Union 21                       nothing distinguishing

Union 21                       repainted lever cap

Union 21                       Pre-lateral,                                                                     

Union 21                       lever cap repainted

Union 21                       lever cap rejap., raised nib on lever cap


$75 for the lot



Fulton                           nothing distinguishing, Sargent made

Sargent 3407               VBM iron,

Sargent 2407               Early logo, horseshoe lateral, old, patent date on                                                                                       lateral lever

Sargent 3407                VBM iron                                                                            

Sargent 3407                cross hatch depth adjuster, patent date on lateral                                                                                     lever, early oval logo

Sargent 3407               early oval logo, horseshoe lateral


$75 for the lot



B Plane                         Bham B plane, mosher style lateral may be broken

B Plane                         Bham B plane, mosher style lateral broken lateral

Everkeen                      appears to be re-japanned                                                 

HT                                 good condition, japanning original, wood refinished,                                                                                Stanley or Union made?

$40 for the lot


The KeenKutter is out of stock

The KeenKutter is out of stock
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