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The Store

Periodically, I will post items that I have for sale.  The list changes frequently as I also sell on eBay under the handle nicmk.  My ability to acquire inventory has been hampered with the current state of reduced available (and expensive) inventory and consequently I am running very low on the most popular sizes and brands. I still have a few and if you have a particular need, give me a holler and I'll see what I can do to help you out.


If you see something that interests you, you may contact me at and I will 1. Answer questions, 2. Send more photos, or 3. Be happy to sell you something. 

Unless otherwise noted, each of my items is user ready, tuned, sharp and ready to go to work.  If you happen to be a perfectionist you will likely want to fine tune your new plane to meet your own personal specifications.  I will do as much work on the item as is practical but understand that it isn't a perfect specimen, never was probably even when new.  If  you're looking for perfection, design one and have it made.  Let me know as I've never seen a perfect plane before.  Generally these planes are at least 60 years old and will have typical usage marks, perhaps some pitting, bare metal staining, tool box dings and other work related injuries. 

If any look interesting, for additional details feel free to contact me here:

If the item shows that it's been SOLD no worries.  I've got more in the queue so check back again soon. It takes some time to get them ready.  If you are interested you can also contact me through this website contact page: or via my facebook page:

PAYMENT: I am currently not set up to take payment through this website. I typically transact through PayPal. If you'd like to purchase something please contact me directly, (email is the most direct method) and we can set up payment.

SHIPPING: I typically ship via USPS/UPS within 2 business days of payment. Sometimes I use UPS for international shipping. Shipping rates I charge do include a couple of bucks to cover shipping materials. (In order to keep your new plane safe I use a lot of bubble wrap and foam peanuts which are not inexpensive.

RETURNS: You get a 30 day "No Questions" return period starting on your delivery date. If for some bizarre reason you don't like your new plane pack it up and send it back. When I get it, as long as it's in the same condition it was when it was shipped, you'll get a full refund of your purchase price. This will NOT include shipping costs unless you are returning it because it was broken during shipping. In the very unlikely event that this happens, contact me first and we can discuss options. I will need to see some photos of the damage to the plane, the original box with mailing label and damaged area so don't discard it right away.

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Inventory Reduction Sale

Stanley Bailey No 5 c1948-1961 Refurbished Tuned Sharp & Ready to Use

I finally came to the realization that my collection needs to be slimmed down. The listed planes are in great condition and any would look great in yours, on a shelf or in your hands doing what it is designed to do. Photos available on request or look for one on the "Bench Planes" page. Contact me directly for more details.

A very nice and ready to use later production No 5 jack plane refurbished to a beautiful "like new" condition has been tuned up and now looking for a new shop partner.  Though not particularly collectable it does present well and would be a great compliment to a nice collection of user Bailey bench planes.


Stanley Bailey No. 3 WWII era Superior Condition and Ready to Use

Classic Beauty Stanley Bailey No 8 type 16 1933-1941 Sharp and Ready To Use

An amazing #3 smoothing plane produced during WWII with all the typical characteristics of the time. Near perfect condition with refinished tote and knob. It's clean, tuned, sharp and ready for your workbench. 

User friendly and in terrific condition this awesome No 8 type 16 would be a perfect addition for any craftsman/woman looking for a quality and "ready to use" jointer at a reasonable price.


Stanley Bailey No. 3 WWII era Clean Sharp and Ready to Use 

This is a great #3 smoothing plane produced during WWII with all the typical characteristics of the time. It performs perfectly and it's clean, tuned, sharp and ready for your workbench.


Stanley Bailey No. 5 WWII era  Tuned Up and Ready to Use 

This is a great #5 jack plane produced around the time of WWII with all the typical characteristics of the time. It has been a great user and it's  tuned, sharp and ready for your workbench.

"A Beginner's Guide to Bench Planes 
The Pocket Guide"

Just bought your first plane? This guide will help you set it up and keep it maintained in a "ready to use" condition.  Filled to the brim with helpful pointers on sharpening, basic tuning and maintenance of you new bench plane.  A "must have" smaller pocket size guide for the new or learning user.  Order direct from the author. Contact me for details.



Stanley Bailey No. 6 Plane Corrugated Type 11 c1910-1918 Out of the box user.

Excellent user grade fore plane, clean, sharp, tuned up and ready for your next project right out of the box. (Some reassembly required) This is from the 1910-1918 (type 11) period and though clearly used during its life, has plenty of life left. 

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