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Periodically, I will post items that I have for sale.  The list changes frequently as I also sell on eBay under the handle nicmk.  My ability to acquire inventory has been hampered with the current state of reduced available (and expensive) inventory and consequently I am running very low on the most popular sizes and brands. I still have a few and if you have a particular need, give me a holler and I'll see what I can do to help you out.


If you see something that interests you, you may contact me at and I will 1. Answer questions, 2. Send more photos, or 3. Be happy to sell you something. 

Unless otherwise noted, each of my items is user ready, tuned, sharp and ready to go to work.  If you happen to be a perfectionist you will likely want to fine tune your new plane to meet your own personal specifications.  I will do as much work on the item as is practical but understand that it isn't a perfect specimen, never was probably even when new.  If  you're looking for perfection, design one and have it made.  Let me know as I've never seen a perfect plane before.  Generally these planes are at least 60 years old and will have typical usage marks, perhaps some pitting, bare metal staining, tool box dings and other work related injuries. 

If any look interesting, feel free to contact me directly for additional details.

If the item shows that it's been SOLD no worries.  I've got more in the queue so check back again soon. It takes some time to get them ready.  If you are interested you can contact me through this website contact page: or via my facebook page:

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Inventory Reduction Sale

Stanley Bailey No 2 c1920s Clean and Usable Collector SOLD

I finally came to the realization that my collection needs to be slimmed down. The listed planes are in great condition and any would look great in yours, on a shelf or in your hands doing what it is designed to do. Photos available on request or look for one on the "Bench Planes" page. Contact me directly for more details.

Probably a 1920s - 1930s era No. 2 with a tall knob stepped tote tab, STANELY embossed lever cap. Now, understand the parts are not all original but the plane is complete and completely functional. BB trademark iron which is clearly a later addition and not type correct. There is an owner's mark tattooed on the left side but no damage to any of the components. There is the typical age staining, (some call it patina) to the smooth surfaces, japanning is perfect. It's a nice looker and would make a great addition to a work bench if you are looking for a user.  


Standard Rule No 2 size 7" smoothing plane Extremely rare

Classic Stanley Bailey No 5 c1948-1961 Sharp Tuned & Ready To Use SOLD

Manufactured c1883-1887, this is the rarest of all sizes of Standard Rule planes and one of the rarest most desirable collectable planes. It was produced for only 4 years until 1887 when Standard Rule merged with the Upson Nut Company. Stanley bought the plane manufacturing part of Upson Nut in 1893. This one has been in my collection for years and now it's time to share. Contact me directly for pricing and other details. $2700.00 ppd

A great user friendly and in near flawless condition this No 5 type 19 would be a perfect all around starter to a beginner bench collection and at a fair and reasonable price.


Stanley Bailey No. 3 WWII era Clean Sharp and Ready to Use 

This is a great #3 smoothing plane produced during WWII with all the typical characteristics of the time. It's clean, tuned, sharp and ready for your workbench.


Classic Beauty Stanley Bailey No 4 type 19 c1948-1961 Sharp and Ready To Use SOLD

A great user friendly and in near flawless condition this No 4 type 19 would be a perfect starter for a new craftsman/woman looking for a quality smoothing plane at a fair and reasonable price. A finer user would be very difficult to find.

"A Beginner's Guide to Bench Planes 
The Pocket Guide"

Just bought your first plane? This guide will help you set it up and keep it maintained in a "ready to use" condition.  Filled to the brim with helpful pointers on sharpening, basic tuning and maintenance of you new bench plane.  A "must have" smaller pocket size guide for the new or learning user.  Order direct from the author. Contact me for details.



Sargent & Co No 714 VBM Auto-set Nicely Restored and Ready to Use SOLD

One of Sargent's nicest designs in a very popular size, dating from the early 20th Century, perhaps around 1916-1920. Clean, sharp and ready to use, this 714 auto-set is a great all around bench plane, maybe that's why it's referred to as a "jack" of all jobs. 

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