Collecting Planes is for Sissies

Yep, collecting IS for sissies. I know. I collect iron bottom bench planes. Does that make me a sissy? You bet it does and I'll tell you why. When I was young and many of my friends were collecting things like coins, stamps, marbles and especially baseball/football cards, I never did, never felt the compulsion, never the need. As many of us do I succumbed to peer pressure and tried several times to collect something but usually it was an already established collection that my mother bought at our chuch's annual rummage sale. (back in those days there weren't any garage sales). I remember once she brought home a huge canvas bag full of marbles, probably 300. I could hardly carry it. I

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I'm not an appraiser and I no longer provide estimates of value. So, if you have a plane you'd like to sell me please bring along a price with your offer. Thanks.

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