Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time or "Judge ye not hang holes lest ye be judged for

I belong to a number of Facebook book groups and with a few exceptions, the folks I meet there are friendly, helpful, courteous and a host of other positive adjectives. But as with most large groups of people, not all are. We all know of whom I speak but just in case, they are the trolls, "know it alls", judgmental and condescending people who hate their lives and want you to share their misery. Eventually they get kicked out or self destruct only to rear up and fire off their diatribes someplace else. But that's not what this is note is about. It's about how we, those of us living in this time, make judgments about how folks 100 years ago, treated their tools, planes in particular. I was re

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I'm not an appraiser and I no longer provide estimates of value. So, if you have a plane you'd like to sell me please bring along a price with your offer. Thanks.

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