Which Came First - Chicken or the Egg? (or Mr. Shaw vs. Mr. Schade)

Sargent No 7 Shaw's Patent 7 3/4” X L 1 7/8”; W, 2 lb 6 oz; 1.078kg If you know much about bench planes you are undoubtedly familiar with Stanley and their attempt to corner the market with the Bailey line. Clean, basic, good performance and relatively inexpensive for the time period win which it was produced. In 1898 Stanley came out with the Bedrock, an improvement to Bailey? Well, it was certainly more expensive but more importantly, in 1911, Stanley employee, Edmund Schade, patented the “three screw” frog adjusting design that allowed forward/backward frog adjustment by means of without removing the lever cap and iron assembly. Quite innovative, or was it? As it turns out, a guy by the n

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