You paid how much for that plane??

If you've perused my site you'll see a lot of high quality, low cost collectable planes. You have also seen some very collectable high cost planes, some costing more than, well, more than I care to say, maybe to a non collector, even embarrassing. If you're not a collector you probably don't get it. If you are, "You know from whence I come." When I started this "voyage of the damned" life was good and planes was cheap, relatively speaking. Because, as every collector starting out knows, you usually start low because you don't know how much is too much and generally speaking condition is much less important than building your inventory. Ebay is a help in that you can do some basic cost r

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I'm not an appraiser and I no longer provide estimates of value. So, if you have a plane you'd like to sell me please bring along a price with your offer. Thanks.

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