What's in a Name?

Since my investment in No. 2 planes began a couple years ago I've learned a number of things among which is the fact that they vary greatly in cost. Now, it's not just based on condition, although that does have some effect, or age, as we all know, just because it's old doesn't make it valuable. The maker of the plane itself is certainly a factor. A Birmingham 98 or 99 plane is much more scarce than a Fulton and commands more than 10 times the price. A Chaplin's No. 2, perhaps one of the most scarce and highly sought after, can cost up to the low 5 figures. However, I'm not talking about those in this reference. I'm talking about the difference between a Stanley, Sargent, Ohio or Miller

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I'm not an appraiser and I no longer provide estimates of value. So, if you have a plane you'd like to sell me please bring along a price with your offer. Thanks.

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