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I recently returned from a road trip to Texas and met a great guy (Charley) who has been collecting since the 1960s. He and I had talked on the phone and learned how much we actually had in common even though he was a bit older than I (and I ain't that young), he had a lot of great stories of buying trips all over the world as his job in the Air Force afforded him the opportunity to travel, (and apparently do some junkin). He thought that over the years he may have accumulated several hundred pieces. I know he has one of the most extensive and diverse No 2 size plane collections in the world.


A few years back Charley had made the decision to "divest" himself of many of his treasures but wanted to be in control of when and how he did as he was not going to let them end up in the local thrift store, (apparently a threat his lovely wife had implied). Over the past few years Charley and his friend and "junkin buddy" of many decades had been selling some of his stuff but sadly, his friend passed a year or so ago. He told me that there was a lot left, mostly great quality, good usable tools, some collectable stuff and as he put it, "junkers. Over the past 8 months he and I had discussed the possibility of me taking over stewardship of these great old relics...hence, the trip to Texas.


When we got to Charley and Janie's place, (pulling a 4x8 U-Haul trailer behind the Winnebago), I was treated to a viewing of an amazing collection of No.1 and No 2 size planes along with a few other very rare and collectable examples of tools he'd obtained over the years. Being a No 1 and 2 collector myself I was like a kid in a candy store but sadly for me, Charley had plans for those. Then Charley took me into his garage and "BEHOLD"! There were about 300 or so Bedrocks, Baileys, Stanley woodworking planes of all numbers and types and a ton of other early makers planes. He said that his collecting goal (for planes) was to get one of each listed in Walter's book. Not sure if he made it all the way but he certainly had made a dent in it along with a few side trips. One wall of his garage was end to end with cabinets filled top to bottom with beautiful bench planes, Bailey,(mostly 3s and 4s) Bedrock (one of each size round side and flat side, corrugated and one smooth bottom), Stanley block planes, Millers Falls, Ohio (near complete set) routers, scrapers, spokeshaves, No 21 and 22 size transitionals, and about 30 double ended block planes by different manufacturers and different logos. All good stuff. I promised Charley that I'd do my best to find good homes for all these great tools.


My wife and I spent the next 6 hours (we stopped only for a quick ham & cheese sandwich ala Charley) wrapping, boxing and packing plane after plane, enough to fill the U-Haul to its weight limit and my towing capacity. We even had to leave some stuff behind, sadly. A few days on the road got us home to Oregon but it took 3 days to unpack all the boxes.

So, now I'm in the process of doing for Charley, what I'd promised, finding good homes for these beautiful relics from the past. Some of it has been spoken for, the Ohios are destined for another collection and a few of the Bedrocks have been taken. But there's still a lot to go. If you are looking for something specific, not too specialized, Bedrock, Bailey smoother, Stanley block planes, Millers Falls bench/block plane, about a 30 piece collection of double ended block planes, drop me a note. Now, I'll tell you up front that this is NOT a liquidation sale, fire sale, bargain basement sale, or anything sale. These are all good, clean (more or less) usable tools, some worthy of a spot in a collection and currently sitting in mine. If you know me or had any dealings with me you know that I offer fair and reasonable pricing. If you are looking for a ready to use plane, I can do that but prices are adjusted accordingly. If you are looking to steal something at a price that would embarrass your mother, save us both some time.

If you are interested you can contact me through this website contact page: or via my facebook page:


Periodically, I will post items that I have for sale.  The list changes frequently as I also sell on eBay under the handle nicmk.  

If you see something that interests you, you may contact me at and I will 1. Answer questions, 2. Send more photos, or 3. Be happy to sell you something. 

Unless otherwise noted, each of my items is user ready, tuned, sharp and ready to go to work.  If you happen to be a perfectionist you will likely want to fine tune your new plane to meet your own personal specifications.  I will do as much work on the item as is practical but understand that it isn't a perfect specimen, never was probably even when new.  If  you're looking for perfection, design one and have it made.  Let me know as I've never seen a perfect plane before.  Generally these planes are at least 60 years old and will have typical usage marks, perhaps some pitting, bare metal staining, tool box dings and other work related injuries. 

If any look interesting, feel free to contact me directly for additional details.

If the item shows that it's been SOLD no worries.  I've got more in the queue so check back again soon. It takes some time to get them ready.

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Beautiful Stanley No 12 1/2 Veneer Scraper Rosewood Bottom SOLD

Stanley Bailey No 5 Type 11 Clean Sharp & Tuned Ready To Use Classic

Another early 20th Century (type 11) No 5 jack in great condition with classic original look and style. It's sharp and usable if you like, or a great addition to a collection.

Beautiful and collectible No 12 1/2 with a full rosewood bottom. A must have for a "traditional craftsman's/craftswoman's workbench.


Very Nice Bedrock 604 type 3 c1900-1908 Collectable User Tuned & Ready To WorkSOLD

A beautiful classic 604 smooth bottom Bedrock early type 3, clean, extra sharp, tuned up and ready to use. A great value  plane and perfect for someone looking to "step up" the work bench just a bit. Looks great works great's ready to use.

Stanley Bailey No 3 Corrugated Made in England Near Perfect Ready to Use

Near perfect and very little used condition with no damage or issue. Made in England tuned and ready to use, an excellent example of a later Bailey and would be a great opportunity for a new user/collector.

Classic Stanley Bailey No 4 c1948-1950s Tuned Up and Ready to Use

A ready to use No 4 Bailey smoothing plane, clean, tuned and ready to use, perfect for someone just learning to work with wood who is on a budget or looking for something to use out of the box.


Beautiful Bedrock No 605 1/2 corrugated c1900-1908 Tuned Up and Ready to Use

A classic early corrugated Bedrock No 605 1/2 clean, sharp and in ready to use condition, a very nice user grade example and a great piece for a discerning craftsman/woman looking for a step up user. 

Stanley No 60 1/2 Adjustable Low Angle Block Plane Tuned Up and Ready to Use 

A nicely tuned and ready to use No 60 1/2 adjustable low angle block plane.  Likely produced pre 1935 during the Sweetheart period. Though a relatively common plane, this one is ready to use out of the box.

Classic Stanley Bailey No 5 Post WWII Type 19 Beautiful Tuned Up & Ready to Use SOLD

A great classic looking and very well cared for No 5 made just after WWII and into the early 1960s, that's user ready. It would be a perfect starter for a new craftsman/woman or even a collector looking for a quality classic smoothing plane to enhance an existing Bailey collection at an amazingly reasonable price.

"A Beginner's Guide to Bench Planes 
The Pocket Guide"

Just bought your first plane? This guide will help you set it up and keep it maintained in a "ready to use" condition.  Filled to the brim with helpful pointers on sharpening, basic tuning and maintenance of you new bench plane.  A "must have" smaller pocket size guide for the new or learning user.  Order direct from the author. Contact me for details.