Facebook Sucks

I have used Facebook as a vehicle for my passion of plane collecting for years. Early on it was a rich, fulfilling experience providing me with an opportunity to reach people all over the globe and sharing information that had previously been difficult or impossible to find. Unfortunatley, over the past 6 years it has become an uncontrollable laviathon, changing the way society interacts and behaves. I have posted the following paragraph on my Facebook page. Not an easy decision but I feel it's not only for my good but if I can influence anyone else to do the same thing, it will be my contribution to help end FB information control.

"For anyone who cares, I am deactivating my facebook account indefinitely with the intention of deleting the account in the near future. Despite its few positive aspects it has destroyed human communication, alienated family and friends from each other, spread false and misleading information about any topic that's discussed, created the ability for people to anonymously bully others, controlled and censored information that the zuckerminions arbitrarily find in opposition to their own agenda, and I, for one have had enough. I've heard many others of you complain about the very same things so I'd encourage you to take some action besides bitchin about it. I've been known to say "This is not an airport, no need to announce your departure" However, I figured that there are one or two folks who would at some point wonder what happened to me which is why I now announce my departure. If you need to contact me feel free to email or you can easily reach me through my website: www.plane-dealer.com.

Facebook has become a monster that has no superhero capable of defeating it. Zuckerberg et al, has control of the most viewed media source in history and is engineering its users in his/its own image. Opinions opposing Zuck's and those who censor FB content are systematically eliminated from publication under the guise of "community standards". My question is then, whose community? Whose standards? I've never been asked if my standards are being violated. The standards then must be of those twenty somethings in control of what you say and do. I didn't trust my own judgement when I was that age. Why on earth would I trust the judgement of an immature, inexperienced near juvenile who has not the sense given to a garden slug?

The responsibility for this "evolutionaary" retardation is placed directly on ourselves. We boomers reared and raised a generation of Zuckerbergs. They are raising those who are now controlling your ability to express your views, no matter your intent or goal. We have allowed the Zuckerbergs of the world to tell us how we should live our lives, what we should think and believe, how we should vote, what our moral values should be, and even what we should eat. We continue to allow them to censor our thoughts and our opinions. Until people stand up and refuse to play the game, they will keep doing it until all fall into step. Those in charge of your thoughts do not want to hear your opinion. They want to hear their opinion coming from your mouth and fingers. I encourage you to do whatever you feel is appropriate to break the bonds of the tyranical Zuckerber and his minions. Talk civilly to those with whom you disagree, be kind to others and don't allow people like the social media kingpins to control your thoughts and actions. That was the goal of Hitler, Stalin, Mao and a host of other tyrants. If you are a Seinfeld fan you probably remember Newman's quote: "When you control the mail, you control INFOMATION". The message is the same...just a different medium.

So, now, my promise to you is that I will not ever conciously use this forum to voice an opinion, social, political or otherwise, except when it comes to hand planes or something of a similar nature.

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